Ai generated conceptual design 


Traditional drawing mediums of the fine arts, such as pencil sketch, charcoal and watercolour, for design visualisation.  

CAD Modeling

Accurate and precise computer generated 3D models for building plans and stunning photorealistic renders


BIM (Building Information Models) for building documentation 

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Artificial intelligence generative design is a new service which allows for rapid initial project conceptualisation. It is the rough sketch of the 21st century, but the soft impression of pencil is replaced with photorealistic images.  We use Midjouney and Stable-Diffusion Control models to gain more command of the AI process.


Drawing mediums 


Traditional drawing mediums of the fine arts offer an eloquent, timeless and rewarding approach to the design actualization process. We believe mediums effect design, and the timeless analogue method of bespoke hand drawn sketch, charcoal or watercolour, offer a uneque aesthetic character which transposes from paper to the final built design.  Our drawing service can also be used to beautiful memorialize a new build, or even an existing home.




Experience your future space in astonishing realism through our advanced 3D BIM modeling and photorealistic rendering service. Our expert team creates a precise and detailed virtual representation of your site and building project allowing you to experience it accurately and make adjustments before committing to the final plans.



Navigating the complexities of council approvals and construction can be daunting. Let us alleviate the burden with our comprehensive building documentation service. Our BIM models provide the foundation for accurate and thorough working plans in order to clearly and precisely document the project for the purpose of applying for building consent, and communicating the project to your chosen construction contractor.